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Occupational therapy focuses on restoring the functions of daily living. This includes training to increase independence in dressing, bathing, self-care routines, and other in-home activities.

The therapy is provided based on a specific plan of care tailored to meet your goals and needs. Not only do we help patients perform occupational therapy in the comfort of their own homes, we educate their family members and other caregivers on how they can aid with their loved ones’ achieving personal and physical independence.

Our therapists are highly skilled and compassionate, taking the time to provide emotional support to our patients and their family members, which can make all the difference in enhancing recovery from a serious illness or injury.

  • Home exercise programs
  • Patient education
  • Home safety
  • Pain assessment and management
  • Upper-extremity strength and range of motion
  • Re-education of daily living tasks
  • Restoring muscle control
  • Basic skills evaluation
  • Sensory functions restoration
  • Mobility enhancement
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Instruction on the use of adaptive devices