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The Primary Benefits of Speech Therapy

The Primary Benefits of Speech Therapy

Speech therapists, along with other experienced professionals, provide speech therapy to help patients with impaired speech or swallowing capabilities overcome a wide range of difficulties. Children or adults that struggle with communication also tend to suffer from mental health and behavioral issues as well as poor confidence levels. Speech therapy can help!

  • It improves communication.

    Speech therapy provides a voice to help those who experience difficulties not just in speech but also in language. Through the assistance of elderly care, therapists can work with caregivers to enhance communication whether through unaided and/or aided (e.g. high-tech communication devices and/or communication apps) at home. Speech therapy is more than just about speech.

  • It enhances social skills.

    Speech difficulties can greatly impact one’s confidence levels and contribute to how he or she interacts with others in the community. A limited functional speech is a common sign of delayed and disordered pragmatic language skills, but speech therapy can be the solution. Speech therapists from a home care agency in New York utilize video modelling, role-playing, specific therapy apps, and other tools and strategies.

  • It reduces stuttering.

    There are over 70 million people around the world who are affected by stuttering, according to The Stuttering Foundation. A speech therapist works by helping patients reduce their stuttering by modifying the way a person speaks and providing them exercises to strengthen their tongue.

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